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      嘉必优?ARA —— 国际水准

      嘉必优?ARA(花生四烯酸、二十碳四烯酸)是基于生物合成技术获得的一种ω-6多不饱和脂肪酸,是人体生长和发育所必需的脂肪酸之一。 嘉必优?ARA在中国同类产品中率先通过欧盟Novel food和美国FDA GRAs的审核,已获得了国内外众多婴幼儿配方食品厂商的认可和使用。




      CABIO ARA —— Industrial pioneer of international standard

      CABIO ARA arachidonic acid or eicosatetraenoic acidis an omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid obtained through biosynthetic technology. It is one of the essential fatty acids for human growth and development which plays an important role in the development of children’s brain and nervous systems CABIO ARA was the first among same type of products in China approved by EU as Novel food and GRAs by US FDA. It has been approved and used by many top infant formula food manufacturers at home and abroad.

      CABIO ARA has two product forms: oil and microcapsule powder. They are mainly applied in the fields of infant formula food, healthy food and dietary supplements, and they are often used in various healthy food such as liquid milk, yogurt and milk beverages.

      The products are suitable for various production processes with good stability and flavor, bringing reliable shelf life and flavor to the applied products. The powder products can be provided in customized formulas for special applications such as whole milk, dairy-free, whole vegetarian, and sugar-free products, to meet the needs of organic food, vegetarian food, special medical food (non-allergic formula) and goat milk formula powder, etc.

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